Engage. Educate. Inspire.

A subsidiary of StayWell, ShareWIK produces and syndicates a new category of content in the health care marketplace: Health Entertainment. With products ranging from custom marketing pieces and medical animations to short-form videos of patient, caregiver and expert personal stories, ShareWIK helps providers, payers, employers and health care innovators reach their audiences — where they live, work and while they wait in line for coffee.

We’re meeting people where they are, with content they WANT to consume.

Together with StayWell’s trusted clinical offerings, ShareWIK uses the power of personal storytelling to engage, educate and inspire audiences to effectively manage their health conditions and make healthier lifestyle choices.




ShareWIK Videos allow you to connect to patients in a whole new way: storytelling. These engaging, powerful videos go far beyond traditional patient education to move patients to positive action. In this webinar, you’ll see how to use these videos to:

Inspire and Encourage Your Patients. With WIK (“What I know”) Videos, patients watch personal stories of people who have faced their condition before — and learn from their experiences. Videos are also available from expert and caregiver perspectives.

Influence Positive Patient Decision-Making. The Flyer Videos give patients entertaining information to help improve their health. The videos are presented in short, easily-watched segments -perfect for today’s fast-paced world.

See for yourself how to engage your patients like never before with ShareWIK’s storytelling videos. Register now for our exclusive webinar — space is limited so act now to reserve your spot.


ShareWIK Media Group produces and distributes health and wellness content that uses the power of personal storytelling to Engage, Educate & Inspire consumers to make better decisions that impact their health.

With hundreds of “MyVoice” in-depth patient videos at the core of its product line, ShareWIK syndicates its content to media outlets and licenses its proprietary educational modules to employers, benefits providers, corporate wellness platforms, and other channels within the healthcare industry.